For Sellers


Utilizing creative marketing tools, with their fingers on the pulse of the market, Cherie and Elena give sellers the full artistic and marketing potential of their home and buyers the home of their dreams. Their talent for assisting sellers by accentuating their home's positive features has completed many a successful sale.

Using numerous systems of market analysis, they give you the edge to successfully compete in our complex economy.  Their tools are specifically targeted to your neighborhood and needs.  When in contract, they provide diverse professionals who give top quality guidance and support your informed decision making.  Skilled at meeting deadlines, they assist you to stay focused and on task while holding anxiety at bay.

5 star YELP Review by Sue S., Berkeley, CA

"To put it mildly both Cherie Carson and Elena Ronquillo are the best. 

 I began to work with them one year before I sold my house.  I realized that I was not ready @ that time and told them I was not ready. There was not a feeling of my being judged or them putting pressure on me to do something I was not ready to do. So, about one year later i was in contact with them again. It seemed as if this was the time to sell, and even though i heard as we all have that the market was not good for sellers that did not turn out to be the case at all. We had the first open house on April 1st ( April fools day) and it was a smash. I got numerous bids. (16-17) Both Elena and Cherie were there for me doing the entire process and after the sale. They knew this was a difficult process for me and they were caring, non-judgmental, fun, light-hearted and firm when it was necessary. I really did feel their concern and support during the entire process. They are professional, ethical, concerned whether you are the buyer or seller. They also worked well with the buyer's Realtor and had nothing but praise for her. There were times when they were directive but did so in a way that was tactful, and not @ all condescending. They are realistic about the market and gave me good advice about what to expect. I always felt they were in control and had my best interest @ heart. I also got a lot more money than i ever imagined. I was very excited and surprised when they told me what was being offered for my house. After the house was sold they did not just leave and not call me or stay in touch. We went out for a celebratory event after everything was over.

I would trust them with either selling or buying and think they are superb. I cannot think of enough positive adjectives to describe the ease of the entire process. I recommend them highly for either buying or selling your next home."    

5 star YELP review by Mike R, 2015 Truckee, CA

"Cherie and Elena were awesome! They helped us buy our house 8 yrs ago and we were very impressed and chose to work with them again to sell the house. I cannot recommend them any higher. They are honest, ethical, considerate and made the process of selling our house as stress free as possible and kept us completely informed throughout the process."