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YELP reviews


We are thrilled to have received the 2017 YELP Award. It is exciting to hear such good feedback. We’re proud to have all five star reviews from clients who want to share their experience of working with us.

5 Star review by Kate M., San Mateo, CA 1/16/2017              

Working with Cherie and Elena was absolutely wonderful - and was highly effective at getting us into a house we love that fits our taste, our budget, and our priorities! Cherie and Elena were positive even when we felt discouraged. They helped us discover neighborhoods that we liked and that fit our budget so we felt we had good choices to make. They seamlessly adjusted to our styles - I'm in and out of a house in five minutes, my partner takes lots longer. They helped us understand how to bid and make a solid offer. When we hit snags on our end, they offered suggestions without judgment about what we might choose to do. After the purchase, they continued to make a difference! They helped us with referrals of great service people when we wanted the referrals. 

5 Star review by Siobhan S., San Leandro, CA   3/21/2016

We highly recommend Cherie and Elena! They were honest, competent, thorough and patient during our home buying process. We were able to close very quickly on our very first offer (with 19 other offers on the table, to boot!)- this was in no small part due to their excellent management of the entire process.  Not only are Cherie and Elena knowledgeable and helpful, they make excellent recommendations for other key people who are critical to the home buying process- lenders, inspectors and more. They are also outstanding at building relationships, which we learned is so important in this field- and it played an important role in getting us our dream home. They are also incredibly thoughtful and kind people. All of this resulted in us feeling very well taken care of, and the process relatively painless. You'd be lucky to have Cherie and Elena representing you- give them a call!...

5 Star review by Linus H., Richmond, CA   2/16/2016

I had a very poor experience with another Bay Area realtor in 2014 (whom I met sort of awkwardly after unwittingly clicking a link on a real estate website) when I first started looking to buy in the East Bay. Cherie and Elena were a completely different experience and I feel fortunate to have been referred to them in 2015. They know what they are doing and are with you through the entire process -- particularly important in my case, as I had a difficult close (for reasons that had nothing to do with them) that lasted a month longer than we'd projected.

5 Star review by Robert P., Sacramento, CA  7/16/2015

They're simply the best. They know the area inside and out and fully understand (and clearly explain) the wacky nuances of buying in the East Bay. Cherie and Elena are patient, friendly, and smart. What more could you ask for? Thanks to the two of them, we are moving into our dream home tomorrow morning.
5 Star review by Jungdae K., Albany, CA  1/21/15

Cherie & Elena were a power duo who helped us through the entire stressful process of home-buying in Albany/Berkeley.  It is a seller's market, and it was hard to gauge how to price and formulate our offers.  They helped us through the entire process by giving us excellent advice and helping us make informed decisions.  They even helped us look through disclosures to determine what kind of work would need to be done to a house and also set us up with great recommendations for contractors once we closed.  
Their advice, knowledge, support and frequent communication kept our stress down and ultimately helped us buy a great home in Albany.  We've worked with other realtors in the past, and our experience with Cherie and Elena far surpassed our experience with any other realtor.  The depth of their knowledge, their patience in explaining all the real estate terms and idiosyncrasies, their attention to detail, and the amount of care and time they devoted to us was amazing.  We really felt like we had a team on our side who was looking out for our best interests, and they made themselves available even in the evenings to help us through the entire process.   We can't say enough about how great Cherie & Elena have been.  In a market where there are all-cash buyers and multiple bids pouring into houses, we had despaired of ever finding anything, but thanks to their help, we're proudly dangling our new keys on our keychains.  We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in the East Bay.

5 Star review by Anthony P.  San Francisco, CA  11/25/14

Upon the recommendation of a friend, my partner and I enlisted the services of Cherie and Elena in our search for a home in the East Bay. Given that we were living in San Francisco and weren't completely familiar with the neighborhoods in Oakland and Berkeley, we really needed a realtor that could wisely advise us on safe, quaint, fun, and affordable neighborhoods.  From the moment we met Cherie and Elena during our intake meeting, we knew they were the team that would best represent us and our interests. And from that moment to the time we received our keys--and even beyond--they never failed to deliver. Cherie and Elena helped and guided us through every aspect of house hunting from finding places to visit, to taking us to broker tours, to helping us craft competitive bids, to negotiating the deal, to interfacing with the sellers and the sellers' agents, and to helping us find trusted tradespeople to do some pre-move in renovations. Their consistent positive approach, upbeat attitudes, and vast knowledge instilled in us a sense of calm as we waded through a very competitive and tumultuous real estate market.  But above and beyond all of that, Cherie and Elena are simply wonderful and caring people who clearly love their work and consistently look out for what's in their clients' best interest. Never were they pushy or impatient or exhibit any of the other negative aspects sometimes associated with realtors. My partner and I have already recommended Cherie and Elena's services to close friends of ours (who they've already helped find a condo in Berkeley) and we would highly recommend them again. I can't think of a better team I'd want on my side through what can be a very difficult and stressful (and also, of course, joyous) time in one's life.

5 Star review by Jessie J., Berkeley, CA  11/5/2014

As first time buyers in the highly competitive Bay Area, my partner and I were extremely nervous about our prospects. It's hard to believe, but in just the last couple months our wildest hopes have been imagined and we live in a beautiful condo in our dream location. We owe this almost entirely to the guidance and support of Cherie and Elena, whom we feel very lucky to have had as our agents.  From the first meeting, they reassured us about the "whirlwind" of buying property and realistically eased our concerns while simultaneously educating us about all that it would entail. They quickly had an outline of the type of place we were looking for and we were seeing locations within the week. When we found a place we were interested, they dove right in, gathering all the documentation and preparing us for the terrifying deluge of forms and contacts (by the way, they are well established in the Bay Area and have a great network of people for all kinds of services).  Cherie guided us on a couple of matters we may not have thought of ourselves, and looking back, we can say this was the difference between a good agent and truly great one. Cherie and Elena gave us the extra push and support to do things we may not have done on our own or with a less supportive agent, and it is thanks to this level of support that we are now sitting in our dream location. Having Cherie and Elena by our side for any questions all the way down to the signing was a huge relief, too, during the crazy last few weeks.  Their support continued even after the signing, too, with a thoughtful picture card, advice on moving, and a gift basket welcoming us to our new home. Wonderful people who are knowledgeable, efficient and produce results--you can't ask for better partners in your real estate search.

5 Star review by Lauren C., Citrus Heights, CA  5/23/2014

We bought our condo last month with the help, guidance and support of Cherie and Elena of Red Oak Realty.  From the moment we saw our condo, we owned it in 29 days and lived to tell the tale.  Cherie and Elena were consistently courteous and informative, and were available to answer questions and guide us through the rather treacherous process of dealing with sellers, loan officers, title companies, papers, papers and more papers.  If you want realtors who will tell you the truth, who have a strong network of relationships in and are respected by the business community, and who will follow-up on all the unsuspected left turns and bumps in the road to give you your best shot at success in this market, I would recommend Cherie and Elena.

5 Star review by Kathy L., Albany, CA   1/29/2014

Finding the right home in the Bay Area, at a price you can live with, can be daunting!
However, despite the difficult criteria on our end (the need for a separate office and a garden, as well), we could feel Cherie and Elena at our side, patiently providing perspective and listening carefully...We were moved by the level of personal concern they had for helping us manifest the change.  We cannot tell you how many times, when an agent at an open house asked who we were working with, and we answered "Cherie and Elena", that they responded in a way that clearly seemed to say, "You are in good hands".
As it worked out, it was a timely call from Cherie that made us homeowners.   She had news of an amazing opportunity to bid on a property we liked, but were concerned that it would go well over asking.  Our bid was successful!  Once in contract, the closure went incredibly smoothly.  Loan docs were pulsed to us via email, and Cherie and Elena were always available to answer questions and advice.  We were thrilled to have keys within three weeks.
The true test always seems to be whether you would choose to repeat an experience.  To this, we can give a wholehearted, "Yes!"  Characterized by constructive attitudes and dedicated, caring, high quality service, Cherie and Elena would remain our top choice.

5 Star review by Catherine P., Pescadero, CA  7/29/2013

These two really are as good as it gets.  From the beginning, we knew we were dealing with experts.  They walked us through the process in a very kind and yet professional manner.  Our obligation for our mother was to get the best price with the least risk.  They had the resources to create an amazing outcome that exceeded our hopes.  They very carefully study the comparative sales and priced the condo well, they had the resources to repair, clean, inspect, and stage through very competitive and competent people.  They orchestrated two open-houses, one for the condo residences, which they loved, and one for the real estate brokers, which they evidently were very impressed with, because within a few days we had almost 20 offers.  They then helped us document our decision-making process and helped us choose the best overall offer and a backup.  Within less than a month, escrow closed. The sales price was at least 20% over asking, which was amazing.  We can't say enough good things about Cherie and Elena, who are very nice and very expert.